Environmental management

We orientate ourselves within the environment protection sector to our environmental standards, which are binding for each employee and their adherence to it is consistently verified.

Environmental standards of surfaced GmbH

We are obliged to respect the environment, accept responsibility for it and use its resources sparingly and reduce environmental pollution. With the environment standards we underline our commitment to active environment protection. They apply for all activities of surfaced GmbH and for each individual employee.

  1. The surfaced GmbH commits itself with emphasis on its responsibility for the environment. We want all working areas to act environmentally friendly. The burden of the environment in operations of our production facilities aims to always be kept as low as possible.
  2. The product with the highest technical feasibility is not the main issue, but rather the competitive, qualitative, high quality product with the lowest impact on the environment. We see our task as producing safely, cost-effectively and environmentally friendly.
  3. Environment protection of surfaced GmbH is targeted in all areas of economic trade, development and manufacturing of products, in work flows and not least the social responsibility of the company. The choice of environmentally friendly procedures from the manufacturing of the basic materials to the production and the duration of use to the utilisation and disposal after the end of its use is therefore a top priority.
  4. Saving energy is preventative environmental protection. We have committed ourselves to consistently and critically verifying and optimising our use of energy in our company.
  5. Our guideline for all trade is to reduce or to reduce to a minimum the environmental pollution, also beyond the legal requirements, through a continuous improvement process. Constant inspection is required, process materials and processes with lower impact on the environment can be used as well as an adjustment of the technical systems for the development. Waste materials, wherever possible, are to be reduced and likewise recyclable materials are to be used.
  6. Adherence to the environmental rules of surfaced GmbH is a matter of course for every responsible person. Through appropriate environmental management, we ensure that our environmental policy is effectively implemented. For this purpose the necessary technical and organisational processes are regularly checked and developed further. The main issue is the management regarding the way of dealing with substances and processes that affect the environment.
  7. Responsibility for environmental protection is a concern of every individual employee in the company. A particular objective of the managers is to create the prerequisites, so that people’s safety and protection of the environment can be seen in all systems and facilities. For this purpose, the regular maintenance of machines and facilities is a part of the immediate correction of defects and the control of the efficiency of environmental measures.
  8. Transparency and open communication internal and external make it easier for the company, both to address environmental awareness and understanding of the individual employees and also of the customers and to promote social acceptance of our products and services.