Quality standards

of surfaced GmbH

As a certified and approved supplier of leading European companies we guarantee the highest level of quality „Made in Germany“ from the sampling up to the series production.

  1. The satisfaction of our customers is the key to success.
    Therefore we ensure that we deliver the customers desired quality on time and prices in line with the market. The same applies for our primary suppliers.
  2. The customer sets the standard for our quality to which we orientate ourselves.
    The adherence to this quality is our top goal, for it also determines the development of our company.
  3. "Zero failure rate"
    Our declared aim is to reach a zero failure rate. We will consistently pursue this goal as part of our daily work. In addition, employee training, strict control and an open quality communication ensure that all procedures in the company are continuously verified, assessed and improved if necessary.
  4. Meeting deadlines we keep to agreed deadlines.
    We process enquiries, offers, sample enquiries, complaints immediately and with care.
  5. Employee responsibility
    Each employee plays an important part and contributes to the attainment of the quality objective, no matter what position he has in the company. If he should realise a quality risk, he should reduce it as a part of his authority and must pass all necessary information on to the next superior.
  6. Failure prevention instead of failure correction!
    Thereby errors do not arise in the first place, we consistently support tested measures to detect and prevent them.
  7. Quality - an important executive function
    It is realised by the company's leadership through objectives with the employees. So the quality is measurable and enters decisively into the performance appraisal of the individual.
  8. We are only good with good suppliers.
    Our quality requirements also apply to our suppliers. As only when they also deliver good quality, can we reach our customer aims.
  9. We also feel responsible to a large extent for the environment and society.
    We maintain a sparing use of energy and raw materials and we also engage in operational requirements.
  10. We regard our quality standards as binding
    each employee is required to comply with the quality guidelines.

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