shot-blasting technology

Blasting applications for any requirement

High-tech blasting processes, functional or decorative, pressurised air or turbine wheel driven and always perfect for your surface.

For you we will blast stainless steel granules, ceramic and glass pearls, corundum, plastic and also other materials available on request.

Variations of blasting technology

The pressurised air based blasting

Unlike the airless blast cleaning, with this processing technology the blasting abrasive is accelerated by pressurised air and one or several jet nozzles are applied. Two principle methods are available. The pressurised beaming - and the injector beam - procedure Important element for the pressurised beaming procedure is next to the jet nozzle of the pressurised blasting vessel. The "blasting vessel" filled with blasting abrasive is impinged with pressurised air. Through this the blasting abrasive from the vessel is pushed in a hose line. This hose line is run through with pressurised air, where the blasting abrasive is further accelerated and a jet nozzle is applied. Through the special nozzle design, a further acceleration of the blasting abrasive occurs, through which a symptomatic higher blasting abrasive speed can be reached for the pressurised air beam. For continuous blasting operations two chamber blasting vessels are set up.

The wheel based blasting

For the turbine wheel blast procedure the blasting abrasive is applied centrally to a fast rotating wheel. The abrasives affecting the centrifugal source spins the medium over the "blades" at a rate of up to 80 m/s targeting the work pieces. The blade shape, point of application and the rotation speed of the wheel blast, interacting with the blasting abrasive impact on the surface of the work piece.

Ranges of application of the blasting technology

Cleaning Pump and armature parts, casting and moulding tools, forming, soldered seams and welds
Core Fittings, casting products, sand castings

Fine and non-ferrous casting, wrought work pieces


Etched and eroded surfaces, processing touches

Decorative abrasive

Glass, aluminium, stainless steel and colourful metal surfaces


highly stressed parts, springs, tooth flanks, crank shafts, connecting rods


Thread cutter, drill, gear wheels, small parts, broaches, sintered metal parts